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Welcome to Interstellar Intersection

Hello, and welcome to INTERSTELLAR INTERSECTION. Dedicated to celebrating and exploring different facets of pop culture and entertainment, this site will publish reviews, profiles, news, features, studies in adaptation, and so much more, beginning in April 2020.

Following journalistic standards, you'll find accurate and detailed pieces posted, with an informed slant that's meant to enrich and celebrate the consumption of various forms of entertainment and pop culture. I won't publish rumors, there will be no clutter or pop-up ads, like you might find on a lot of other websites dedicated to publishing this kind of content, and all content will be free.

The site will be fully unlocked with lots of content ready to go in April. Stay tuned for updates, and check Twitter at @InterstellarPOP and the Facebook page for additional information in the meantime.

Kind regards,

Paul Patane

Founder and Managing Editor



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