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Top Cow unveils ‘St. Mercy’ limited series

The first issue of the new comic book by John Zuur Platten and Atilio Rojo reaches store shelves in August.

Cover from St. Mercy No. 1 from Top Cow Productions
Courtesy of Top Cow Productions

The Incan Empire meets the American West in “St Mercy,” a four-issue revenge tale by writer John Zuur Platten and artist Atilio Rojo from Los Angeles-based Top Cow Productions.

Announced Monday, the comic book miniseries introduces Mercedes Oro, an Incan descendant who’s charged with protecting a cache of cursed gold. An outlaw attempts to steal the booty, which is earmarked for child-sacrifice rituals, setting up the release of an angry god.

"I've always been fascinated by mythical stories of characters facing impossible odds, and in ‘St. Mercy’ I was able to explore this for two young heroines connected through time," Platten said. "Each must find the willpower to defy the evil and the powerful in the face of personal tragedy. And while ‘St. Mercy’ has its roots in the tradition of classic westerns, things take a violent, bloody, and unexpected turn once the demonic children appear."

The first issue of “St. Mercy” goes on sale Aug. 25. Like other titles from Top Cow Productions and Image Comics, the comic will be available for purchase from direct-market retailers and digitally, from services which include comiXology, Google Play, Apple Books and Amazon Kindle.

"Well, I'm really enjoying the series. It has a lot of elements that I enjoy drawing,” Rojo said. “This project demands a different aesthetic treatment, which is always refreshing for me."

See a four-page preview from the first issue below, courtesy of Marc Silvestri’s Top Cow Productions.



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