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About Interstellar Intersection


INTERSTELLAR INTERSECTION is a boutique media platform and website founded in 2020 that celebrates and explores different facets of pop culture with reviews, profiles, studies of adaptation, news and features built around dynamic stories and people.


All content, available free of charge, has been sourced and verified prior to publication. Ethically based and following standard journalism practices, you won't find rumors or hit pieces posted to the site.

Inquiries, questions and comments can be sent via the submission box on this page or you can submit an email. You're also welcome to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Unsolicited story ideas are not welcome and will not be read.

PAUL PATANE is the Founder and Managing Editor of INTERSTELLAR INTERSECTION. He has an extensive background in journalism, writing and is a copywriter at Rocket55, a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis. He has an MFA in Writing from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, and an undergraduate degree from Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He lives near Saint Paul with his wife and their two cats. You can find Paul on Twitter at: @PaulJPatane

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