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‘The Harbinger’ comic from Valiant set to debut next summer

The relaunched intellectual property, which is in development to become a Paramount Pictures film, looks to again be a comic book centerpiece for Valiant Entertainment.

All artwork courtesy of Robbi Rodriguez and Valiant Entertainment

Co-writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly are teaming with artist Robbi Rodriguez to create new comic series “The Harbinger,” which is set to debut next summer from Valiant Entertainment, according to a press release from the New York-based publisher.

The series returns Peter Stanchek, the planet’s most powerful telepath, from previous Harbinger comics. Monday’s announcement states Stanchek’s newest adventure has him going on a character-driven journey that evolves from him being feared and rash to him becoming a protector. Along the way, Stanchek will forge new friendships and encounter new foes.

Kelly, co-writer of issues of “Gotham City Garage” for DC Comics with Lanzing, spoke of Stanchek’s character and touched on details related to the new book.

“Like many of us, Peter has made mistakes. People have been hurt. We have no interest in ignoring that part of the character's history,” Kelly said. "By acknowledging those mistakes and taking responsibility for them, Peter will become the person — and the hero — he has always had the potential to be. Peter Stanchek will be more than a hero; he will be a harbinger for the world we want to see."

"The Harbinger" looks to be a centerpiece for Valiant in the coming years — not just in print but in adapted media. Paramount Pictures is in active development of a “Harbinger” film, which follows the David S.F. Wilson’s “Bloodshot” adaptation that came out in March from Sony. Though “Bloodshot” and the forthcoming Harbinger film are stand-alone entries from different production companies, they’re meant to take place in the same universe.

A screenwriter who’s worked in comics, including with Kelly on “Star Trek: Year Five” for IDW Publishing, Lanzing highlighted how the new comic and Stancheck help propel the constantly-evolving Valiant Universe forward.

"’The Harbinger’ is the next big step forward in the Valiant Universe and Peter Stanchek's promised rebirth as a hero, a leader and a revolutionary. It's unapologetic in its politics, diverse in its cast and intimate in its drama,” Lanzing said. “Collin and I love to tell stories that balance character deconstruction and social analysis, and there's no one in comics who needs a little deconstruction and social awareness more than Peter."

Created by Jim Shooter with David Lapham, Harbinger comics were among the publisher’s early offerings in the 1990s, featuring Stanchek who goes up against Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation.

"When Collin, Jackson and I first started mapping out this project, we weren’t expecting the themes we are tackling to be as relevant in our own lives as they have become," Rodriguez said. "As we see everyone facing more each day, people can feel a change is coming. It makes it all the more fitting that it’s called 'Harbinger,' the herald of change."

A colorist and letter are not yet attached to the book, but a three-page art preview from Rodriguez, who is best known for co-creating Spider-Gwen at Marvel Comics, is below.



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