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Sixth issue of ‘Radiant Black’ to feature guest creators

The creator-owned series is getting an injection of guest creators for a one-shot issue this July.

Courtesy of Image Comics

“Radiant Black,” the new hit comic book series by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa from Image Comics, is getting a creative boost this summer. The Portland, Oregon-based publisher of creator-owned works announced Monday that guest creators are lined up to help produce the comic’s sixth issue, which goes on sale July 21.

Cherish Chen will co-write the sixth issue of the series with Higgins, while David “Darko” Lafuente will provide art for the special one-shot that’s set to explore the comic’s biggest cliffhanger to date: who’s Radiant Red?

The series follows Nathan Burnett, a 30-year-old writer who is struggling creatively and financially, which forces him to move back to his hometown while he grapples with massive amounts of credit card debt. He’s not too pleased about living with his parents again, but one night Burnett comes across the cosmic radiant and his life is quickly upended as he becomes Radiant Black.

Two issues of the comic have come out to date and both have quickly sold out at the distributor level, mobilizing Image Comics into sending both issues back to print. The second printing for “Radiant Black” No. 2 goes on sale April 21, the same day issue three drops. The new printing for the first issue went to direct market retailers a month ago.

Lafuente, who may be best known for his art contributions to “Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man” from Marvel Comics, is also providing the art for Cover A of “Radiant Black” No. 6, which is shown at the top of the page.

Copies of “Radiant Black” No. 6 will also be available to digital collectors, like the five issues previously solicited. Each issue of the book is sold on comiXology, Google Play, Apple Books and Amazon Kindle.



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