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Advance preview: ‘Ninjak’ No. 1 from Valiant Entertainment

The publisher unveiled a seven-page sneak peek Monday. The comic book goes on sale July 14.

Courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

Spies, ninjas, hard-boiled cloak and dagger action…oh my.

After announcing a new Ninjak comic book last summer, Valiant Entertainment is ready to show off more of its new comic book series, which goes on sale July 14. Featuring secret operative Colin King, the adventure series is a reboot following the “Ninja-K” comics written by Christos Gage, starting in 2017.

From writer Jeff Parker, and artist Javier Pulido with letterer Dave Sharpe, the first issue will have covers by Pulido, David Nakayama, Caspar Wijngaard, Damion Scott and Ibrahim Moustafa.

"Colin King now finds himself in a world without secrets, everything about his former employer MI6 becomes public knowledge, and there's no safe place on Earth," Parker teased. "He's relying less on tech and more on wits and skill."

Parker also spoke to how Pulido has surpassed his expectations on art.

"Javier is a blast to work with because you can try to imagine where he's going to go with the script, but you're wrong and he's going to come up with something even more inventive." Parker said. "He's giving the series a visual identity that will stand out and you won't forget it. One clever storytelling approach after another, he's brilliant."

Ninjak was created by Mark Moretti with Joe Quesada in 1993. The character has been one of the New York-based publisher’s enduring characters, along with Bloodshot and X-O Manowar.

Check out a seven-page preview from “Ninjak” No. 1 below, courtesy of Valiant Entertainment.



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