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Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido to launch new Ninjak series for Valiant

Valiant Entertainment made the announcement today, prior to the start of this week’s Comic-Con@Home virtual event.

Artwork by Javier Pulido, courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

Renowned comics scribe Jeff Parker and standout illustrator Javier Pulido are bringing Ninjak, one of Valiant Entertainment’s most popular characters, back into the spotlight with a new comic book series launching in 2021.

In a press release today, Valiant wrote of the new series: “Colin King is NINJAK, an ex-MI6 superspy who is second to none in the Valiant Universe. There is no target that Colin cannot strike, no mission that he cannot complete. But what happens to the world's greatest secret agent when all of his secrets are exposed? The entire criminal underworld has Ninjak in their sights… How will the undercover operative survive when there's nowhere left to hide?”

Valiant Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins touched on Parker’s writing, saying, "Jeff weaves a spy thriller that starts at full throttle and never lets up! Coupled with the eye-popping bold strokes of Javier's art style, you've never seen Ninjak like this before!"

Parker is highly regarded for penning the “Batman ’66” series from DC Comics, and he’s written various comics for Marvel, including a volume of “Exiles,” and issues of “Agents of Atlas” and “X-Men: First Class.” Pulido, meanwhile, is known for his art contributions to Marvel comics “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “She-Hulk.” For DC Comics, he’s illustrated “Hellblazer” and “Robin: Year One.”

"I love how Javier's mind works," Parker said of Pulido’s rendering of the new series. "He comes up with the most brilliant panel progressions and layouts, and very striking compositions that look so simple but you have to be a next-level talent to attempt a lot of what he does."

Ninjak was co-created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada in 1993. He was first seen in “Bloodshot” Nos. 6 and 7 before getting his own series, which launched late in ’93. Since his debut, Ninjak has become one of Valiant’s most popular and durable characters, prominently featured alongside mainstays like X-O Manowar and Bloodshot for nearly three decades now.

The launch date of the new series has yet to be announced.

Scroll below to see a four-page preview of the new "Ninjak" series, with stunning artwork from Pulido.



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