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Catch Nathan Burnett in “Radiant Black,” a new comic book

The ongoing series by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa from Image Comics makes its debut in stores and digitally on Feb. 10.

Cover A of "Radiant Black," courtesy of Image Comics

Make room for a new comic on your pull list this winter. The first issue of the ongoing creator-owned superhero series “Radiant Black” by writer Kyle Higgins and artist Marcelo Costa from Image Comics is coming on Feb. 10.

The comic features Nathan Burnett, a 30-year-old who’s going in the wrong direction as he’s got two jobs, mounting credit card debt and he needs to move back in with his parents. He catches a break, however, when he comes across the cosmic radiant, which changes his fortunes. Described as “Power Rangers” meets “Invincible” by staff at Image, “Radiant Black” pits Burnett against the cosmic beings who created and want their powers back.

“This is the comic book I’ve been waiting my whole life to make — being able to build this with Marcelo Costa, Becca Carey and Michael Busuttil is a dream come true,” Higgins said in a statement. “‘Radiant Black’ is both a love letter to the superhero stories I love, as well as a statement on what I think superheroes can be for a whole new generation.”

Higgins, known for writing licensed “Power Rangers” comics for BOOM! Studios, adds an inspired slant to separate “Radiant Black” from some of his work-for-hire stories, given Burnett’s situation is a reversal of what the Power Rangers have historically been dealt for a premise. Burnett is struggling at a time in his life when most of his peers would be well on the path to approaching stability, if they’re not already there, whereas the Power Rangers are teenagers who are in the early stages of development when they acquire their powers.

Eric Stephenson, chief creative officer and publisher of Image, said in a statement what hooked him about the book. "It's been a few years since Kyle first pitched the idea of a new superhero series, but from the moment he mentioned it, I was in. Kyle's superhero work speaks for itself — especially his epic run on ‘Power Rangers’ and the hugely successful 'Shattered Grid' event — so the idea of Kyle taking the skills he'd honed on work-for-hire superheroes and developing something of his own just seemed right to me,” Stephenson said. “We've spent a lot of time talking superheroes over the last couple years, and it's been incredible to watch this all come together."

Costa is another creator known for contributing to the “Power Rangers” franchise at BOOM! and he’s also provided art for some of the publisher’s “Firefly” books. Becca Carey is lettering “Radiant Black.”

Five covers for “Radiant Black” No. 1 will be available, including two incentive covers and a blank one, for collectors who are into sketch covers. Michael Cho did the art for Cover A, and Eduardo Ferigato teamed up with Costa for Cover B.

Continue below to see the B Cover and a five-page, courtesy of Image.

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